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Post one of Nifra's Monday Night Madness: All Nighters R US!!!!

Things which are pleasing to me:

1. Haiku for Him.
2. No Net Below, Brian/Dom FatF by Lyra Sena FOR MY BIRTHDAY
3. Lay Upon My Altar Now Your Love, Lancelot/Arthur King Arthur by Vic P. FOR MY BIRTHDAY
4. Hearts and Flowers, Duck/Dan Wilby Wonderful by Pearl_O FOR MY BIRTHDAY
5. Ray is Not His Best in the Mornings, Rayk/Fraser due South by SerialKarma FOR MY BIRTHDAY
6. Everybody who wished me a happy birthday *blows kisses*!
7. The lovely e-cards I got from stopawhile and girlinthetrilby *throws self at you with tight hugs*!
8. The fact that I decided to go ahead and have my birthday instead of freaking out and leaving it at the altar (which seemed a viable option for some time.
9. Vin Diesel in a kilt.
10. Plantagenets.

Things which are not pleasing to me:

1. This man.
2. The persistent lack of Red Bull in my all nightering life.
3. The chill in my extremities.
4. The fact that my shoes weirdly feel like they're on the wrong feet, but they definitely aren't.
5. My kitchen.
6. My all nightering life.
7. The creepy sweater man who asked me again today if I'd be his girlfriend when I bumped into him outside of the cafeteria. Once and for all, creepy sweater man, the answer is NO, OKAY??!!?!?
8. The fact that only the creepy ask me to date/marry/give my number to them.
9. This woman.
10. The fact that I've been using the word 'turgid' all day, in ways that are sometimes appropriate, and sometimes not. It's just the first word that springs to my mind, for rather Freudian reasons, most likely.

Now, furthermore, I wish to discuss The Fast and the Furious, which GOD HELP ME, I love far too much. I find myself re-reading everything in the fandom so many times I could quote parts of Female Trouble by khaleesian verbatim, which is frightening to you and me both.

I feel like Vince represses so much he doesn't even know he wants Dom, he just thinks that's the way of a close friendship, and he's attracted to Brian, but sublimates into anger because he doesn't know what to do with these feelings, and on top of that he's jealous of Brian's relationship with Dom, because it's with Dom, not that he's jealous that Dom gets Brian and he's left out.

And I think he is attracted to Brian, and a lot of that is maybe sublimated into his anger with/at Brian for being so "pretty" -- because c'mon, if there's a chance for him to make the joke about Brian as "pretty" he totally takes it. It's partially jealousy due to his attraction to Mia -- which I think is a real thing, although poor Mia because she's got these two men projecting their attraction to her brother onto her (although maybe that's somewhat more tangled for Vince). Actually, it probably is somewhat more tangled for Vince because Dom's time in prison must have been a time when he was forced to take Mia on her own merit, and get to know her and recognize her as something more than an extension of Dom.

Dom getting out of prison, then, must have been really a confusing time for Vince. He must have been elated to have the object of his really twisted friendship (founded on unrealized lust/love feelings) back in town, and then to have to continue projecting his feelings for Dom onto Mia in order to not have to confront them -- well, no wonder he's way jealous of Brian's flirtation with Mia. Which he is jealous of, in its own right. Because Vince has his feelings for *Dom* giving an impetus to his feelings for Mia, and maybe even a sense of desperation -- like if he could just get with Mia than the strangeness and intensity of his attachment to Dom will somehow ease. Like, by consummating his feelings for Dom *with* Mia, he'll then be able to sit back and breathe a bit and not feel so much *urgency* in his friendship with Dom.

Food for thought, that one.

I feel like Vince and Letty probably spent a lot of time together when Dom was in jail, and Vince and Letty are way similar, which is something that maybve Vince even plays up, as though they're more alike than they actually are which puts him a great deal closer to being what Dom would desire. Like -- maybe even Vince likes to pretend that he and Letty are more alike than they are. in order to sort of weirdly feed this vicarious thing with Dom through Letty.

How much do I love the idea of a little Letty, all spikey and snarley to everyone except Dom? Trailing after him like a puppy dog in love. then she gets bigger, grows boobs, and then Letty owns him.

But before then, you know she's totally been watching Dom get it on with other girls. go out with hot, older ladies, that kind of thing -- so when he starts coming on to her like the rest of the women he came on to, she's going to make him pay. Partially because she probably resents suddenly become a chick because she's got breasts and thus being relegated to the 'flirt with' pile, and partially because she's waited a good long time for Dom, and he can wait for her.

Little letty, growing up, in adult love with Dom, while he treats her like a kid or one of the boys, and then missing her special status as one of the boys as she becomes one of the girls Dom wants to sleep with, and what she does to get him where she wants him. There's going to be anger there -- because Letty, as much as she wants to be respected as a woman and a hot woman at that, and as much as she *wants* and craves the sexual attention of Dom, she's also going to resent that she's no longer got the same cameraderie that must have existed when she really was just "one of the boys". That's why she's easier with Vince, and Jessie and Leon thans he is with Dom. Things between them are charged, and so much of that seems based on a kind of weird simmering anger between them; one that seems like it's emanating from Letty. Who's also very vulnerable, for all of her smirks and sneers and jibes and confrontation -- she *loves* Dom.

But she isn't going to ever be to him what she wants to be, which is that little girl who got to see him as a mentor and who treated her as 'one of the boys' anymore. Now she's his *woman* or whatever, and she wants that, too, but she wants it all at once. She wants him to take care of her, and treat her like an equal, and that can't happen. And Dominic doesn't seem terribly interested in her, even setting aside the Brian situation for a while. All sexual contact is initatied by Letty, and she's the one perpetually attempting to get *his* attention.

From the first scene, she's asking him if he wants a soda, and he's not even turning to look at her. That, too me, is everything about their relationship at the open of the movie, and it's deeply sad.

I feel like he and Leon grew up together, and Leon took Jessie under his wing, for whatever reason. Because, see, when they were kids, Jessie wouldn't have had any friends, or done anything, if it hadn't been for Leon. Who was the older kid in jessie's grade, held back because he kept failing math. That's how they met up. Jessie was tutoring him in math. And Jessie was having a hard time of it, because, see, he was all girly and smart, and weirdly hyper.

He took care of Jessie, and then when Jessie's dad went into lock up, he let Jessie move in with him, because by then, Leon had dropped out of high school. It was only a matter of months before Jessie did the same. So, Leon was looking for jobs, and they were at the Toretto's market, Leon maybe thinking about trying to get a job behind the counter, when Vince and Dom pull up arguing about something under the hood.

And Jessie runs out and like, gets between the two of them, and Vince gets all shirty with him, and Leon pulls him off and is like "We got a problem?" and Dom's like "Shut up, the kid's fixing your car, Vince."

And then Dom offered Jesse a job.

And looked over at Leon and said "We don't have any openings at the market. You got any other skills?"

Leon's like "Nah" and Jesse pipes up "He can drive. He can drive like a motherfucker, and he knows his shit about cars." Dom: "That true?" Leon: *shrugs* "I'm not bad with them."

I can also totally see them doing it at some point, in this really sweet, sort of easy and slow way. because jessie's totally gay, and leon's totally laid back, and leon loves jessie, loves women, too, and maybe he's not in love with jessie, but there's been a drunken night or two where they've ended up, the two of them messing around.

Funny how I talked about everything except for Brian/Dom, but I'm too much in the OMG OTP way with them just now. Literally, I get weirdly uncomfortable when I read fics with them not together. I say "But, but, but -- Brian/Dom!" and flail at the screen. It distresses me.

In other news, my website has been updated by the fabulous lyra_sena with stories in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, due South, Firefly, Friday Night Lights, Good Will Hunting and Wilby Wonderful. Get thee hence, and enjoy!

ETA: Sorry to have posted a broken, long and link filled business!! I hate it when that happens! Damn you manual coding, and damn you non working LJ client!!

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