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Abolish France? What?

I seriously didn't think this would ever happen, but...I'm done with work for the summer. That means I get a few days to just chill out before Friday when people start streaming back onto campus. God *damn* this summuer has just...flown by. Also? I've probably been on *every dorm room* on this campus. It's *nuts*.

So last weekend I was online much. Would you like to know why? I worked all weekend. Today (just want to say again: LAST DAY OF WORK) was my eighth day in a row of working. I am rather exhausted in a big way. And I moved across campus on Friday, too...jeez. But now? I'm all moved in and paid and just...so happy. I love my new room. *pets new room*

Yesterday at work I found pretty much the funniest thing I've ever read. Ever. It was a clipping from The Weekly World News that said on one side "Female Egyptologist witnesses Mummy Rising From Dead...Only to Goose Her!" The other side? Well, the otherside was the story of Hyram Trowbridge, a time traveler from the future. Good ol' Hyram has come to the past in order to tell us all about the danger and evil that is come at us - in the shape of mutants and freaks. (Remember, now, I'm an X-Men freak, so I perk up right away.) Hyram claims to have traveled to us from 2028, where humans are second class citizens. The president? Is Bat Boy, who you may remember from previous Weekly World News exclusives. Now, Bat Boy may seem like a helpless victim to you now...but in the future? He's a hideous monster who reacts to stress by getting cruel laws passed and giving out unprovoked bites to the neck. (In an unsexual context, how are bites to the neck ever really *provoked*?) Also? The Supreme Court is filled with ghouls and Congress is filled with subhuman monkey men. He's here to warn us, so that the freaks don't take over.

Plus, at some point? We abolished France. Just...abolished the whole country. Why? Hyram can't remember, but he says that isn't important. What is important is the freaks. Remember that.

I have never laughed so hard. I may *need* a subscription.

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