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27 April 2005 @ 05:50 pm
Old Klingon Proverb: Popcorn=YES.  
Why do things like eating popcorn suddenly become the only things I can think about when I'm sitting in class and fuming? I literally just spent two hours thinking, "Listen, motherfucker, like I care about your historical whatevers. I just want my popcorn, okay? Shut up, and let me out of class early, because if I don't get some popcorn stat I'ma flip out and choke a bitch. You, actually." I became so enraged that I was drawing little pictures of massive monsters destroying small villages in order to get to large, overflowing bowls of popcorn.

Popcorn, I truly believed at the time, could cure all of my woes. So who cares if tonight's going to be my second all nighter in three days? I've got popcorn. White cheddar covered popcorn.

It can save the world.

On related note: Can I get a hell yeah from all my homies out there going crazy at the end of this semester? Everyone around me seems to be dealing with a disgusting level of grace and maturity, saying things like, "Well, I don't have that much to do, because I did most of my reading and writing over spring break, so I'm pretty much done already" and then I hear the Kill Bill music and their faces are covered in red washes, and I want to pluck out their eyes or do the 5 Point Palm Exploding Heart Trick (or whatever the hell it is).

Also, I promise never again to type the word 'homies.' I realize it was probably a disturbing experience for all of you. I know it was for me. But sometimes, these things? They have to happen.
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Current Music: Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Santa Esmeralda
pure FORESHADOWING: Bad Example! - Snowflakesleepnifra_idril on April 28th, 2005 03:37 am (UTC)
If they're not lying, then they're like, grotesquely on top of their lives and I pity them, really, for having nothing else to do. *rationalizes like whoa*