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You shook me, all night long. Again. Damn you.

I've got the college student gross happening. I've eaten so much sheer CRAP for the past few days that I find myself wanting to go outside and eat the grass, just for the taste of a nice fresh vegetable substance in my mouth. Salsa does not count as a fresh vegetable, even though I told myself that earlier today. It's just that I get so busy that the only things I find myself eating are -- things you can buy in a gas station. Plus, I've smoked far too much in the past few days, and all the caffeinated drinks, and the lack of sleep -- yeuch. I want to like, drink a wheat germ smoothie, go running, and sleep 12 hours after thirty showers or something.

I feel befouled by my lifestyle.

I also am having philosophical difficulties persuading myself to do my homework. This is the kind of thing that has plagued me since high school. I convince myself that I've put in enough work that really I should by all rights be finished, and then resent any implication that there's more yet to be done. I have like 12 hours to whip this puppy into shape, and 12 hours should be plenty. Oh, rationalizations, your name is Nifra.

Gross. Gross. Gross. It's like even the air in my room is made out of McDonald's grease. I mean, I haven't had any McDonald's in a damned long time, but still. You know that stale sickness that is a part of the whole McDonald's experience? That's vaguely how I feel my life is currently.

More spam to come. I apologize in advance. The longer I stay awake, the more I feel a compulsion to post to LJ.

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