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Hi. I'm officially spamming you now.

I've decided to go through my fics, and pick my favorite titles. Not my favorite fics, just my favorite titles, because for me? Titling is just a fucking bitch, and I end up falling to the floor and flailing and going fetal and whining like a sick child when confronted with disgusting grape flavored cough medecine, saying "Why do I haaaaaave to?" Anyway. So I'm picking my favorite titles, and talking about why I like them. That's what I'm doing.

And not writing my paper. Hesh, you.

1. Something But Nothing like a Thing, Sports Night, Dan/Casey. It's got the circular quality of much of the dialogue in the story, plus? Fun to say. And, sadly, much like a great deal of my conversation. "It's a thing that's like the other thing, but not that one thing, you know the one with the business? Yeah, it's not like that. It's like the other thing. You know the one with the guy in the place?"

2. After Ragnarok, BtVs, Faith/Buffy, Willow/Oz. Not my favorite fic I've ever written, certainly, though there are some lines in it that I like, but there's something about the phrase 'after ragnarok' that just seems so charged. I dunno. I like the sounds it's made up of, the hard 'k' sound. Plus, Norse mythology is so neat.

3. Grooving Up Slowly, due South, Rayk/Fraser. C'mon, it's from Come Together! Which may secretely be the coolest song of all times, though probably not, I just sometimes think it is. But Rayk? He's got to be good looking because he's so hard to see!

4. You & I Are ____, due South, Rayk/Fraser. Arty? Yes. From a Yusef Komunyakaa poem, and he's such an amazing poet, and I love him. But, also, I think there's something about the empty space that really ties into what pearl_o and I were doing with the lack of communication. In conclusion: Arty? Yes. But I like that about it.

5. Consider the Lilies of the Goddamned Field, due South, Rayk/Fraser, O, Brother Where Art Thou! But also, it's the kind of thing I find myself snapping at myself at 3 am (nearly now!) when I'm doing things like bemoaning my befouled and be-homeworked state. Also? Goddamned is in the title. Total winner.

6. Peanutbutter-Flies and Goat Songs, Sandman, Delirium, Hmm. This fic in and of itself was an experiment (which one could argue didn't work) but I like the title, though it's a blatant rip off of one of Salman Rushdie's chapter titles, but really, if you're going to rip off somebody, why NOT Salman Rushdie? Or Rufus Wainright, who, I think (if I can hazily remember writing this) wrote a song that's got the lyric "Peanutbutter and jealous of you" which may have even been the impetus for me to try and write something with Peanutbutter something in the title.

7. Waste Our Lights In Vain, Romeo & Juliet, Mercutio/Romeo Romeo/Rosaline Tybalt/Mercutio, It's just so apt for what happens to everybody in that damned frustrating play. Some day I have to do a thing about this story, actually. Like a 'writing of' experience post, or something. Someone poke me about that.

8. Caliban, SV, Lex/Clark, Louis is one of my favorite things that SV ever did. And it was all so Tempest anyway, with Louis being the monstrous child of the island -- I don't know. I think far too much about Louis, but when I do, I think of him as Caliban. So I like this story title because of that.

9. Boxing Clever, SV Lex/Victoria, I just think it's a cool phrase, and a very Victoria one. From the Placebo song "Pure Morning". (Which I almost typed as thong, HI FREUD)

10. A Warlike Prince, SV, Lex/Clark, It just suits him. He is a warlike prince. Plus? Stone cold bitch to title. And to write. So I get some self-congratulatory satisfaction going on whenever I think of this ending up with a somewhat decent title.

So, how do you guys title? Do you go into a story thinking "I will call this fic X, and then shape the fic to fit X." or do you do what I do, which is write a fic, and then ask your beta things like "Can't I just call it 'And then they got it on'? Please?"

Oh God. Paper now. Really. Really really. I swear.
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