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The More You Know.

Vin Diesel was the real creator of Spawn, not Todd McFarlane. In fact, Vin Diesel IS Spawn, and using his awesome hell powers, he thought up the greatest sci-fi movies ever, including Alien, Blade Runner, and Terminator. He also starred in all of them, as both the main characters and as the monsters, and his favorite roles were those of Newt, the Alien Queen, Pris, and John Connor, while simultaneously impregnating all the supposed people who played the above-mentioned roles, and causing all of them to give birth to their own grandchildren, because his semen is really Red Bull energy drink.

Vin Diesel will kill you, your whole family, all your friends and burn your damn house down if you don't write his name in bold.

Vin Diesel is the third Olsen twin.

Vin Diesel occasionaly wears live rattlesnakes as a condoms.

Vin Diesel knows what it's like when doves cry.

Vin Diesel was the leading agent for the Bay of Pigs fiasco, and would have pulled it off even without air support, had Castro not challenged Diesel to a game of Spades. Diesel easily won, but was too late to save the invasion, and so he is haunted by the ghosts of dead Cuban revolutionaries.

Vin Diesel can cut 2" thick steel piping using only his rectum and Beatrice Arthur.

Today's lesson brought to you by Patrick Swayze, Paul Gross, the letter 'Vin' and this informational website. <"/font">

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