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Allergies, I'ma bust a tunic on your ass.

I used to think that being grown up was buying your own Q-tips. I was wrong.

Slouching toward adulthood is really defined by walking through the cold for about a mile and a half so that you can buy something you know you don't actually want to ingest, and that you know will linger on as a horrific chemical taste in your mouth long after you've swallowed it, spending money on it when you're going through a lean period, money wise, and then walking back in the cold, and taking the reccomended dosage, all so that you can finally stop feeling like the inside of your face is really, really itchy.

I don't care if your'e nine or if you're ninety -- robitussin is gross as all get out. Not even a spoon full of sugar could help that medecine go down. But thank God it's not Dimetapp. That's all I really have to say about that.

ETA: So the movie Camp. How many of you all have seen it? How many of you all want to write me Micheal/Vlad, like, right now, to pull me from my allergy induced funk? *bright smile, with swollen red, puffy eyes*

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