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I can feel it, and it feels like desperation and carcinogenics.

Tonight will be another all nighter. I had planned for all of those to be over. Plans, apparently, mean nothing. This is something that shouldn't, really, surprise me. But strangely, it does. And after the working comes the packing, and really? Another week or two in the semester wouldn't over all be a bad thing.

Which I can't believe has been my mantra for the past few days. I mean, I say it, and I stare and say, "That just came out of my mouth, didn't it? What am I, sick?"

Clearly, yes. Yes, I am.

I owe comments like nobody's business. This should shock no one. I've got terrible netiquette, and I'm really sorry about that, guys. I just -- am, I suppose, entirely flaky. Or, rather, spending most of my time running around like a chicken on amphetamines with my head cut off, and that is not a pretty sight. Believe you me.

You should all expect perhaps a ridiculous amount of spam from me. Tonight, and also most likely tomorrow night. I apologize in advance, as most of it will probably be entirely cracked out, but then again, when am I not cracked out? I mean, really. When? Think on that for a bit, and get back to me.

Furthermore, hi new people? Things you should know about me (beyond the hideous netiquette, and yeah, it shames me, but I should really just own it, I suppose and try to make it into a charming character quirk if possible, like those people that smooth out your eyebrows when you talk to them) include 1) I'm very enthusiastic, 2) I am as easy as one of the dancing girls in Reefer Madness when it comes to fandoms, so you'll probably see a lot of talking about a lot of fandoms here, and 3) I'm weird. I'm really weird. I do weird things. I know. This is a shock.

So, if you wanted to just say hey, *gestures vaguely downward toward comments* offer words of encouragement regarding the total Ordeal (and I mean the kind where you have to reach into a barrel of hot coals and hold onto a burning stone in order to prove your innocence) that tonight is going to be, I'd appreciate it. Dear God, would I ever.

I'm going to go...procrastinate by cleaning. Or possibly, just procrastinate. *sobs* svmadelyn, when will it be our Day of Jubilee? When?
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