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"Patrick Swayze, why don't you love me?" sings Vin Diesel, plaintively.

One class left, one paper left. It's like high noon, and I'm Gary Cooper. Or Tom Skerrit, if we're talking about the TBS remake, and honestly, there is no reason to ever talk about that, so we'll just go with Gary Cooper.

Paper, I'm going to shoot you so full of holes you'll be a strainer, you hear me?

Of course you don't. You don't have ears, and are not sentient. Or written yet. Which is problematic with the hearing situation.

The point is, as though I were to have a point at this juncture, that I'm a day away from a kind of freedom. This kind of freedom will be a -- freeing kind.

What? You want eloquence? I put up a poll about zombies at 3:30 am. This should be a sign that all is filled with insanity in Nifonia.

The thing about the end of the semester - or, truly, ONE of the things - is that I always spend so much time going insane about everything that I forget that once everything is in, and done, I'll be done with these classes, and I've really enjoyed (and resented, but mainly enjoyed) these classes. I kind of still want to be taking them, and reading about history and women writers and poetry and politics and all of those things that I find so interesting.

Also, this is the time of the year where every lighter I've ever had seems to vanish, the minute I need it. I think to myself, "Self, where could your lighter possibly have gone? Two seconds ago when you didn't want to be smoking, you had the lighter in your pocket. Now your pocket has only lint and a penny. You can't even strike these things together to make a spark."

Desperate times, my friends. Desperate indeed.

And so, here's a brief link filled list of things that are positive:

1. If you like to make value judgments and also the 'Awww!' noise, this is the website for you.
2. SO. IN. LOVE.
3. Best e-cards ever. Really.
5.Salmon in drag, soup=love, and rosy perfection salad: Who knew Weight Watchers was funny?
7. Mr. Coffee Nerves?
8. The funniest thing about this is the progression of the definitions, and how it becomes very clear who the author of the whole thing is. You have to stick to it, and read as much of it out loud to your friends/victims as possible. Really. You'll love it.
9. This is not for Fox1013. Honestly. Don't click this if you're Fox.
10. "Armed, jackbooted Cola Enforcers roam the streets, dragging off anyone caught with a can of Mountain Dew. Children in school pledge allegiance to Coke"

The end.

ETA: it occurs to me that if one of you talented people could make me an icon of Mr. Coffee Nerves saying 'foiled again by potsum' from that comic strip linked in number 7, that would RULE. *bats eyelashes prettily*
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