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"you have everything you need to build the body you crave"

The television tells me that I can build the body I crave. This makes me wonder if 1) they're talking, like, lego sets because I dig on legos but maybe not 'crave' them or 2) this body is in some way supposed to be edible, and not in a weird gross cannibal kind of a way, but in a 'this is a person built with chocolate/butter/yams/mashed potatoes/corned beef and I love to eath those things' kind of a way.

So I have everything I need to build the body I crave, apparently, and that's nice. But the question is: do I have everything I build the challenge fic I need? The answer to that right now looks like a 40 percent chance of existential writerly freak out, with top winds clocking around "OMG WHY DID I EVER THINK I COULD WRITE!?"

Several words I find amusing: clink, weasel, moist.
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