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Not actual laundry, but this post is laundry list style (as so many of my posts are).

Things I absolutely have to do:

1. My retardedly late Kink/Cliche challenge story.
2. takethehouse fic.
3. Those things above, a lot.

I've got like, two different attempts at number 1, one of whic his 8 pages long or so, but those 8 pages are horrible no-good-very-bad pages. And then the second one. I live in terror.

"It was a night of stormy darkness," is all I have to say about my current writing, which is actually far better than the expletive I wanted to say.

And, the real reason I'm posting (beyond the shaky/sweaty feeling I get when I haven't been on the computer in forever, and the desire to remind everyone that I'm here! I exist! Really!) is that I had a dream last night, wherein I had two pet lemurs (which was important, because people kept saying "Aren't you afraid of weasels?" to which I would reply, vastly superior, "They're LEMURS.") and I was walking them in a bar that had sawdust on the ground (yeah, I don't get it either) and I met Paul Walker, and he had a cane. I went over to get his autograph for estrella30, and said, "I really enjoyed The Fast and the Furious" and he burst out laughing and said "Are you kidding me?" and I said "Well. You know. You and Vin are hot. Plus, I can make a unicorn out of my hands" and then we were friends.

I metion this because the dialogue stuck in my head so clearly, and because I said "I can make a unicorn out of my hands". I mean, I know it's a dream, and I get that I'm a weirdo but -- just -- it's crazy business.

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