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Okay, I realize that my love of the Houseboys is a little out of control, and that my shipping of them (probably because I never wanted to or meant to) is equally out of control, but tonight's rerun of House, with Foreman having lunch with Hamilton and then telling Chase and Cameron about the job offer, and Foreman saying he was seeing someone and it could maybe be serious and then him telling Chase he'd "made a commitment here" and Chase blowing it off --

I nearly swooned. I mean, I ship House/Wilson, I do. I love House/Wilson. I may mainly love House/Wilson because Robert Sean Leonard is Neil from Dead Poets Society and Hugh Laurie is the fat king from Blackadder, but really, I do love them.

But -- *falls over* Chase/Foreman! Foreman, responsible, adult, advised, sober, cautious, repressed and so stubborn he is at times, blind. Chase -- well, he looks out for number 1, yeah, but he's got maybe a little more insight than Foreman. He knows himself farely well, and when he sees something he wants, he goes for it. Arrogant as hell, and mercenary, but when he needs something, he's going to get it. You see where I'm going with this?

Chase falls for Foreman, and goes after him. Foreman resists, and resists, and resists, until he realizes that he's spent the past six months with Chase sucking him off before he gets a cup of coffee and goes back on shift, and he's kept saying over and over "There's nothing here" when it turns out that he all he can think about is what Chase is or isn't doing, and so he shows up at Chase's and he spends the night. He doesn't say anything, because he's got Chase on probation then suddenly he realizes that Chase has started to mean a lot to him, and that he can't sleep without Chase next to him, and Chase -- well. Chase has sort of decided that this is all he can have, and it's all that he *needs* -- not all that he wants, but he's a pragmatist. He tried once, early on, to get Foreman to go for the emotional crap, but naturally Foreman shot him down big time, and Chase is too arrogant to put himself on the line like that at all. When, finally, Foreman decides to let Chase in on the fact that they're in love and more or less living together, Chase doesn't quite believe it. Like, in a "Fuck off, I don't need you" kind of way, and two days later, Foreman wakes up with Chase nuzzles at his shoulder and tells him to turn off the lamp.

So who's going to write me that, eh? I mean, really. You know you want to make me happy. I'm awfully cute when I'm happy.

I keep telling myself that just because Matt Damon is in O11, my takethehouse really shouldn't be a thinly veiled Good Will Hunting fic. I love Chuckie Sullivan maybe too much is what it comes down to, and sort of just want to write about him all the time, and exactly how often do I have an excuse to do that? Not often enough, dammit.

Also? My Kink/Cliche fic? Ahahaahahahahah. *wipes eyes* Yeah. That's -- oh man. Things are going well for me and my challenge fics. Woo. I'm sorry, I just gave myself a good laugh. Ha! Kink/Cliche fic. That's a knee-slapper.

(svmadelyn and seperis, I am so sorry. Really. I just -- the story -- it was like, oil, water, and cake batter. Large gloopy messes, all over the kitchen, with completely unsalvageable chocolate. I'm going to fix it somehow. Someday. I swear it.)

Here are somethings that have been pleasing to me in the mean time:

A kick ass BSG vid. Starbuck centric, to Mirah's "Cold, Cold, Water", and just incredibly well done. I love the song -- Mirah's one of my absolute favorites, and this is one of my favorites of hers, and the weirdness of the song works so well with BSG. Check it out.

A cover made for ME by disprove for A Warlike Prince, and it really fuckin' rules. She tapped into the way that Lex is completely just -- scorched in that story it's really pretty. Love on her, will you? Because my flailsqueal has yet to end.

ETA: It's funny how I forgot to put the links in this the first time I posted it. I mean, but really. *Funny*.

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