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okay, 1) family is great from afar, 2) i have more family than there are members of the swiss gaurd, and 3) is all up in my grill right now. in conclusion: OMGWTFFAMILY!!

i give you this, as a form of apology:

Many bears live on earth. We will look at the brown bear, grizzly bearblack bear and polar bear. These bears all look differently. You will make a book about bears. When you see click on it. You will see a picture. When you see a click on it. You will hear sound.

Here are ten facts about bears:

Bears are large animals.
They have very strong legs.
Bears have big heads and small eyes.
Bears live in all parts of the world except for Antarctica, Africa and Australia.
Most bears eat nuts, fruits, berries, plants, insects, honey, fish and other animals.
Bears eat a lot of food to get ready for winter. We would have to eat 50 hamburgers and 12 large orders of fries for many days to get as big as these bears.
Baby bears are called cubs.
When cubs are born, they are about the size of a squirrel.
Bears make or find dens in the winter.
They go to sleep in the den. They sleep all winter. This is called hibernation.

Taken from The Bear Facts.

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