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I've got a theory, it could be bunnies!

I weirdly don't have much to say about the most recent episode of BSG, other than *ontheedgeofmyseat* for next week, and then I'm sure I'll be exploding with opinions, as I generally tend to be.

So Baltar and Starbuck are "special" to the Cylons, maybe because they know how to operate on hunches/premonitions/intuition because Baltar's crazy and Starbuck is, well, Starbuck. This is something desperately needed by the Cylons, as their thinking is so mechanical, ie: "God is life, God is love, if God is equivalent to love and to life then life and love are equivalent to one another, and there can be no life without love, therefore love is neccesary for the creation of life" sort of fallacy. But really, here's my thing: what if Starbuck was *already pregnant* when she was on The Farm and what was taken out of her was a fetus, a fetus that is both hers and Baltar's? Because really, have any of y'all seen a pregnant Six anywhere? No. And didn't Boomer say "No Cylons have ever been able to carry to term" making the Farms a neccesity, and if Six had been pregnant, don't you think she would have had the baby by now? There's no way he could have impregnated his hallucination of her or anything, right?

So, if that's what happened, and they have Starbuck's fetus and possibly ova also, then ten to one they have Baltar's sperm, and any children created from the two "special ones" would be raised Cylon and willing to participate in a cylon breeding program, and able to inject into that gene pool the unpredictability and tendency toward using intuition that so defines both Baltar and Starbuck. I think that in a few 'months', Starbuck's going to find a baby and it's going to be hers, and she's going to end up taking it from like, Leoben or something. Or, just finding out that that was what happened. This is my theory.

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