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When one wakes up thinking wistfully that she wished her weekend would quiet down some becuase she's really not ready for the upcoming three parties, it's a sad thing. A sad, sad thing. Anyway, I now give you the meme of DOOM that has taken LJ by storm, as though it were some kind of Ebola of the mind. There are a couple of pairings that I just threw in there because, really, who the hell can say no to Ioan/Faulkner?! Certainly not me. I mean -- *Ioan* and *Faulkner*. It's like the answer to everything I ever didn't know I wanted, but kind of knew, but also thought was vaguely creepy. Right on.

Anakin (Star Wars)/Angelina Jolie - Their love has such sultry lips, and a tendency to be a bit wild, though I'd really love to see Anakin try to pull the shit he pulls with Padme with Angelina Jolie, because Angelina would be all "Are you fucking kidding me? Listen, I'ma go to Cambodia and buy knives, you chill here and get your goddamned head together, okay? Okay."
Andrew (Buffy)/Apollo(new BSG) - I seriously have nothing on this one. NOt a damned thing. I think mainly Apollow would stand near Andrew and look at him with contempt a lot, which is pretty much what happens with Andrew, mais non?
Archie Kennedy(Hornblower)/Baltar (new BSG) - I sort of love this, just because the visual is nice. But also because if Gaius Baltar had been a naval doctor during the Napoleonic wars, and innocent naive fresh-faced Archie Kennedy had ended up in his care, don't you think there would have been a little skeezy sexy seduction action? Yeah, that's what I thought.
Brick Tamlinn (Anchorman)/Callum Keith Rennie - I actually can't contain the glee I have about this. Mainly because Callum would be so amused by Brick that he'd stand there with his little half smile smoking and Brick would do something ridiculous and then Callum would laugh and be like, "Hey, come on man, I'll take you home" and it would be sweet.
Charlize Theron/Clark Kent (Smallville edition) - You know, pretty?
Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)/Cordelia Chase (Angel/Buffy) - Oh, oh wow. I really dig this one. I believe that it can and should be done. OMG THEIRLOVESUFFERSNOFOOLS!!!!
Darla (Angel)/Death (Endless) - I sort of think this probably exists in the world, and I *love* that about the world, though really if we're talking about Angel/Endless crossovers someone in this world must write me Lilah/Desire before I die.
Diana Guzman (Girlfight)/Faulkner - The girl fought, her fists clad in red leather gloves that looked like part of her hands, as though they had become a deformity -- a deformity she struck out with, over and over her red misshapen fists falling with the regularity of a clock against the beaten head of her opponent who had bowed against the weight of her rage, the weight of her fists, the weight of the fists of countless others -- the weight of the fists of those who had opressed her father with his mean angry mouth and his own misshappen hands which had once fallen on her and.... I'll stop now. But you see where I'm going with this.
Faulkner/Ioan Gruffudd - This is essentially all I want from life.
Faulkner/Fraser (ds) - The single most over analytical and intense and weirdly formal and filled with inner guilt pairing I can think of, because I mean -- really. Wow.
Fraser(dS)/Giles (Buffy) - Yeah, okay, if there wasn't Fraser/Faulkner above this, I'd say what I said about Fraser/Faulkner here, but the point is that this could work but it would be sad.
Horatio (Hornblower)/Ioan Gruffudd - I'll be in my bunk, I'll be in my bunk, I'll be in my bunk. I'llbeinmybunk!!!!!!!!!!!ELEVENTYONE!!!11!!!!
Jayne (Firefly)/Johnny Depp - I like to imagine this as Jayne/Jack Sparrow. And then I like to laugh. A lot. Because can you just? Jack would like...prance and Jayne would...growl. It's just too damned funny!!
Josh Lyman (West Wing)/Jude Law - Here's my thing: Josh Lyman should never be allowed to sleep with a movie star, oh my GOD. Do you even realize what his ego would do? It'd just -- yeah. Not so much.
Lindsey (Angel)/Lex (Smallville) - I seriously swear I've read this, but come on. THEIRHANDSARESOEVILOMGLOVE!!!
Lois Lane (Smallville)/Lucifer (Lucifer comics) - HI. Yes. Please. Thank you. They would get along SO WELL, it would be AWESOME. Even if she was a little spunky for Lucifer, he could just recline gorgeously against the wall and smirk at her, and it would all be fine.
Marla Singer (Fight Club)/Miss Piggy - I think it says something about me that I tilted my head to the side and said, "You know, even though Miss Piggy would be apalled by Marla's language and substance abuse, this could work."
Nifra Sue/Patsy Stone (AbFab) - lyra_sena : that is a DISASTER

lyra_sena : omfg

lyra_sena : *covers eyes in horror*


Paul Gross/Ray Kowalski(due South) - Paul Gross: "Aren't I hot? Look at my customized condom with my own face on it." Ray Kowalski: "Who the hell is this guy?"
Rusty Ryan (Ocean's Eleven)/Scarlett O'Hara (Gone with the Wind) - Do you even know how much I love this? No, no you don't, because I can't tell you, because I love it too much to be able to verbalize any of that emotion. Sweet good GOD, people. This is a love that would survive nuclear winter and come out the better for it! They're so resourceful! And hot! Yes! Yes! My bunk! That's where I'll be!
Seth Cohen (OC)/Six (the new BSG) - Wow. She would crush him like a fly with one pinkie finger. And Seth would dig it.
Stephen Colbert/The Swedish Chef - I think about this, and I make little squealing noises because it's SO DAMNED CUTE. "I bring em de snacky snackies! Oingen de boigen oingen!" and Stepeh Colbert being there too!!!!
Tina Fey/Willow (Buffy) - They would be so cute and smart and sharp, but my brain would explode from it. No, really. I'd be like "Weekend Update...Willow...cannot compute...."

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