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we didn't start the fire

So, first fiction class today. Love that class, love that class, *love* that *class*. It was way dorky for me, but I wanted to stand up in the middle and raise my hand and just say "Hey. I'm really getting credit for this, right? I mean, I get to *write* and you're going to give me *credit* for it? Are you kidding? Do you want me to play with puppies for credit also?"

Happily, I restrained myself. But the fact remains that I'm crazy pysched. It's going to be a lot of work, believe me, I know it - but at the same time? It's not *work* work. It makes me want to bounce up and down and run through the hall ways. Which just leads me to believe, further, that writing is just...it for me. There's really no other way.

The interesting thing was that the class started with the prof. asking us to write down what we thought our strengths and weaknesses as a writer are. Now, I think about this a lot -- I mean, everyone does, right? But it usually just ends up with me saying, "I hate all of it." and walking away from the table without honestly considering my skills. It was kind of a neat little introspection moment, and what I came up with was this: I'm good with description, and I enjoy writing dialogue, but I'm not so hot on the plot. (I did enjoy the rhyme I made out of that, though.) So, one of my goals, is to work on that. I've already progressed a lot on that scale in the past few months, and I think that with some help I'll get better at it. But, it was a great thing to take the time to think about, so I thought I'd put it out there for other writers to see. So. Consider it out there.

But all is not writer-y goodness in the land of the Nif, no no. I ran smack dab into homophobia today and it looked like a couple of pimply teenagers at the mall. Now, I'm lucky: I'm a caucasian female from the upper middle class who happens to be heterosexual, so I don't get discriminated against too often. My friend who I was with is obviously gay, and I have to tell you, I lost my temper something *awful* when they yelled faggot after him. It made me think, and just feel so damned dismayed because this isn't *right*, and there's nothing you can do to change someone's prejudices but it's just so *wrong*. God, it just drives me fucking insane. But, as I said, I can't change it. No one can.

Which is what drives me insane, but, moving on, I direct you to the pretty icon. Look at Brad. Look at how pretty Brad is. Now picture him as an original character who's eating away at Nifra's brain saying "You know you want to write a story about me. You know you do." And Nifra saying, "Dude, I *totally* need to be working on a million other things right now. Like, A Deeper Season, or Lenafic or threesomefic for Lyra, or you know, *school*..." and he just laughs and tells me I don't mean it. But I *do*. I *do* mean it, and haven't listened to him yet.

But it's only a matter of time. After all, he's far too young and clever.

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