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Good myth.

Sometimes it's early in the morning and you're awake and drinking your instant coffee and staring at the television and the only thing you can say to yourself is, "Okay, I've woken up early, and now I've got all this extra time and I'm -- watching Extra and Inside Edition and the Tyra Banks show? Clearly this is a beneficial use of my time."

So, the last episode of BSG was -- it was a thing that's got me thinking very hard and I will make a post on it (and don't any of you think I've forgotten my plan to someday make a post called 'Know Your Bears', because boy, am I ever going to do that -- it could save lives), but right now I want you all to link me to the smart things other people have said about that episode because I'm sure someone far more intelligent/eloquent than I has interesting things to say and I'd love to read it.

Also, get thee all hence and read hackthis' and rageprufrock's Kitchen Confidential stories which are, respectively Five Times Jack and Steven Never...Okay, That's a Lie and The Queen of England which are both wonderful and funny and completely capture the as the French say "I don't know what" of the show and should win awards for really great titles to boot.

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