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The Following Suit Multifandom Challenge!!

It's pastiche with panache where challenge land abutts Nifville! Even if pastich with panache makes me think of pistacio pancakes, but the point is I WANT YOU to write!

Ever wanted to see Clark and Lex through the eyes of Jane Austen? John and Rodney set in a Faulknerian string of words? The Endless as told by Shakespeare, Fraser hunt the big white whale that is Gerard, or Lindsey's internal monlogue as though it had been tortured into being by Dostoyevsky? I mean, written by Dostoyevksy?

Then c'mon in and play in The Following Suit Challenge (tm slodwick!)!!

Write a fic in any fandom of your choice -- the only catch is that it should be written like your favorite author. Chaucer, Longfellow, Hawthorne! They're all up for grabs. Even if I don't mention them by name, you tell me who you're writing like, and you're in like Flynn (possibly Flint - I'm not really sure)! Even though I don't really know what that means!

This is a challenge for the whole family! No deadlines, no fandom restrictions, and did I mention no deadlines?

Simply write the fic and post in your LJ, then come back here and link it to this post, which someday I will put a link to in the sidebar of my LJ -- right now that technology escapes me, but I have trained monkeys working on it. (By which I mean I'm getting skooled in LJ by people far smarter than me.)

500 word minimum, no stress, lower taxes, it slices, it dices, it juliennes! It heals migraines and warms cold feet!

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