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12 October 2005 @ 11:53 am
Hi. REC OMG.  
Okay, you guys, first off, 1) SQUEE SOMEBODY WROTE FOR MY CHALLENGE!!!!, but mainly...

Mainly this is one of the creepiest, *smartest* stories I've read in a while. The writing's filled with the dream heaviness that you'd expect from somebody riffing off Cortazar. But this is a story that folds in and in on itself, with these beautiful details that are just so *John*. Essentially, hie thee hence, wenches and fiends. HIE THEE HENCE.

Face Up (SGA) by someinstant. GO AND READ NOW. This is an AWESOME first entry for the Following Suit Challenge, and seriously, y'all? You should, uhm, Follow Suit! *wink*
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