pure FORESHADOWING (nifra_idril) wrote,

So. You guys. Slod sent me essentially the funniest comic link in the history of mankind about a week ago, and I'm just now realizing how much I love it. It's haunted my dreams. I love it so damned much. I'm going to link you, because to see this comic is to understand a part of my soul that I think -- well. You'll just see.

But here's the thing: *shuffles feet* Anybody out there want to make me icons of the last two panels of it? I just can't even talk about how funny they are to me. You would be savior, a salve to my soul, if you would. Please? *bats eyelashes all pretty* Pretty pretty please?

And now, with out any more further ado, I give you: THEY PLAYED US FOR SUCKERS!!!
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