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Nothing of import.

It's so nice to not be the only dorky person at work. I found another refugee dork today. We talked about comic books, and argued about the X-Men movies. She feels that Rogue totally usurped Jubilee's role, and that because of this massive oversight the moves aren't worth watching. To this I say thee 'nay.' I wuvs Marie. I wuvs Marie and Logan in the first movie and Marie and Bobby in the second. So there. We then talked about other comics, and why hasn't anyone read Alpha Flight? *shakes head* Govermentally funded X-Men, man. How cool is that? It's the kind of thing that makes me want to move to Canada.

Also - having a friend who's 6'5" will really bring home the fact that you're *not* tall.

Writing Report: The Goal is to finish Ch 2 of A Different Season tonight and *probably* post tommorow. That's all based on the assumption that my computer won't randomly flip out on me.

Damned purple machine. *shakes fist in direction of computer*

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