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What a soul sucking bore of a day this is right now. I mean, sure there were a few good hours in there where I watched TV and ate pizza and it was okay, but now I'm restless for something to do. Absolutely positively restless...and exhausted. But that's not the point. The point is: oh God, I'm so bored, I actually started doing laundry specifically so that there would be something to do.

What a sad sad state, Livejournals. Also, apparently, according to the iTunes meme, my friends think of me as a "Carnival" and the answer to if I'll have a happy life or not is "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" both of which are pretty damned cool.

It's unwholesome, this level of quiet and boredom in my apartment right now. Certainly not good for me and I can't imagine it's going to bide well for the world. Quiet leads me to do crazy things. It makes me easily influenced. It -- it results in AUs where every one is a fish from the dark zone and other such crazy things.

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