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Migraine in the morning, Migraine in the evening

I woke up this morning and my entire skull was on fire. I haven't really had a migraine in a couple of years, but today - oh man. Today was the day where my body made up for that lack, in spades. I have, since around 8 this morning, been in dark rooms with warm wash clothes on my face, trying desperately to not claw my head off my neck just so that it would stop hurting me. I considered murder seriously when my roomate was talking to someone outside of my room today, and I could hear it through the door. I still feel vaguely that such a thing would be justified.

There are three papers I had to write today. I have -- written none. I got an extension on two, but one desperately needs to be written before tomorrow morning. Somehow. Someway. I have really no clue what-how or what-way. But, you know. We'll see? *laughs very very weakly*

I've made an executive decision to forge on with the rest of my night as best I can. This may be somewhat kamikaze on my part, but I have my reasons. And some of them are almost *valid*, too.

In conclusion: John Sheppard=yes.

Oh, that's not quite a conclusion, what I meant to say next was: OMGYULETIDEWTF!? WHY MUST TIME TORMENT ME SO BY PASSING!?

I hope I'm not the only out there who's got virtually bupkis written, because if you're all being on top of things and completing your stories in a timely fashion and not feeling the last minute burn with me, I will be sorely confused by the lack of procrastinatory community. I'm just sayin'.

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