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Cooking shows.

I've been watching the cooking channel or whatever it's called for the past several hours, and you know, I want a cooking show. I want a cooking show called, "What We've Got". It'd go a little like this:

*looks into cabinet*

Nifra: Okay, guys, looks today like we've got bisquick, frozen hamburger, limes, crystallized ginger, some cereal and fruit wraps and uhm, I don't know - frozen cauliflower? Or maybe those are potstickers. We'll have to figure that out. Oh, thank God. Soy sauce. Today we're making a thing with that.

I was thinking about recipes to post to LJ, but the more I think about it, the more everything I do in the kitchen tends to be totally off the cuff. I just kind of throw things together for as long as it feels like they should cook and that's about it. I'm entirely poor with recipes, because I usually don't read them all the way through and assume I know how to do things better. It's all very sad. And yet, somehow, everything usually turns out pretty well, so that's nice.

In lieu of posting recipes, I wrote ficlets for estrella30. She said to sex up spring and - oh God my cat literally just sat on the hands I was typing with (though I say that as if I have other hands). Uhm. Anyway. So, I wrote a Good Will Hunting ficlet and a very poor Romeo & Juliet one. I may continue to write season related ficlets. I think you should all tell me what to do with myself. I'm medicated, and in need of direction, but I make few promises.
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