May 16th, 2003


First Entry Blues

It's finally done -- I've joined the LJ world. *takes a moment to look around* Seems fairly safe, I say?

ANY-way. So here's the place where I will go from here on out to do my fandom rantings. It'll be great. I'm excited. I'm just tired right now. And can't even begin to bear the idea of waking up in 5 hours.

Next entry will include fic of the Clexian persuason.
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Oh, wait, I forgot to mention

That I love Kazaa. As someone new to Smallville, I've got a lot of catching up to do, and boy oh boy, am I having fun d/ling eps off of Kazaa. It's like a little gift every time I get a new one. It's great.

Also, I really should work on the bibliography for The Big Important Term Paper that I have Ceased to Care About, but I really want to write instead. I'm never happy unless I've got a few big projects in the air and oh man, do I have a few going right now -- an AU Clex that'll be big and loong, a sort of introspective Clark thingy, a Merry/Pippin story, and some Chloe-Lana -- and it's like being a kid in a candy store whenever I open my WIP folder. 'Which shall I work on now?' It's great.

*creeps toward WIP folder, but stops self* But I. Can't.Do.That.Now.

I will finish my paper. *shakes fist at the skies determinedly ala Scarlett O'Hara*