June 9th, 2003


I would like to sing a song of great social and political import.

Oh, Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz....or a computer that doesn't suck so very, very much. I admit, buying a computer due to the 'Ooh! Look! It's purple!' thought process was probably not the best choice I could have made...but does it have to be so very, very bad? *growls at computer*

In other news: I want to own the new Jack Johnson cd. A lot.

And I love Sports Night. I bought the collector's set DVD as a celebration of my first paycheck. By the way, I heart having money. ANY-way, Casey and Danny from Sports Night (why was that show canceled for the love of God? It was so goddamned *good*!) are even slashier than Clark and Lex. Amazing.

So -- I love feedback. I love everyone who has given me feedback. I want to buy all of you puppies. Fuzzy ones. I had forgotten how nice feedback is because, you know, I wasn't writing for a while. What with the utter chaos that was The Big Giant Goddamned Boring Paper and moving, and starting work, I had no time. But now I have time to you know, breathe, and all. So I'm psyched to get back to writing. Finishing WiPs is fun. I plan to do it more often.

Speaking of WiPs...I started a Clex AU. Sort of. What if Lionel had found Lex a punishment that was closer to home and never sent him to Smallville? Clark would have met later, when Clark was at Met U...and how would that have gone? It's not the world's most original idea, but I'm having fun with it. In the world of Nifra, Clark meets Lex as an intern in Lex's private offices.

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