June 12th, 2003


Mmm, mmm, good or And now for something completely different

So I was playing around on chat tonight with my darlin' Lyra....and I came to some conclusions.

Totally inconsequenctial things that will always be true of Lex and Clark as I write them:

Lex: 1) Origami. Always. My Lex will always be able to make paper cranes, yo. I can't do it, but he can.
2) Ain't no way Lex Luthor's going to trust translators, so he's got to speak at least two other languages. I see him as a definite polyglot. Goes with the 'genius' theme he's got working for him.
3) Lex is a huge music snob, who's cd collection probably costs as much as a very nice computer. *Very* nice. Like a new Mac G4 or something. I think he probably prefers obscure electronica -- stuff like Autechre, but I'd say he's probably very definitely a Mindless Self Indulgence fan as well. I heart Mindless Self Indulgence.
4) He likes mint. Mint flavoring, mint scented massage oil, wintergreen lifesavers...he just looks like a minty fresh kind of guy to me. Don't ask why. I can't justify it either.
5) He watches the bad tv talkshows whenever he can. Stuff like Jenny Jones, Maury Povich, and of course, Jerry.

Clark: 1) Cartoon network, baby. Big fan of Adult swim, in particular Space Ghost, Coast to Coast and the Brak Show.
2) He loves his playstation 2 and his RPGs. Big fan of Final Fantasy 8 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
3) He eavesdrops. A lot. In public places, he does it when he's bored and makes up stories to go along with the snippets of conversation he hears in order to amuse himself.
4) Clark's got a definite kink for Lex in a suit, but really, don't we all? Mmm...Lex...a tie...mm....
5) Hates technology. Would write on a typewriter if he could. And not even a good typewriter. Like an old crappy one.

So there you go. That's some randomology for you.

I fwatched the Buffy finale. *deep sigh* Oh, Xander. Why must you do things that require fic to explain them? Why? and Why must you NO LONGER BE ON THE AIR!?

The I love Xander song, by Nifra Idril:

I love Xander, yes I do
I love Xander, so should you
Xander, Xander
you are more fun than a salamander!

(Never claimed to be a songwriter....but that's my song of Xander!Love. There's a dance that goes with it, but the dance basically just involves a lot of finger waving and shaking of my head from side to side.)

So, back to the grindstone, eh? Still hope to finish A Deeper Season 2 at some point tommorow night, but as my purple piece of crap mascarading as a computer is currently SUCKING, I can't make promises. *sad*

Again: Curse you, computer!
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