June 17th, 2003


So I wanted to be asleep a long time ago.

But that was not meant to be due to the *fire alarm* that went off in my house making it impossible for me to sleep. God. Work in five hours and I still don't feel well and I've gotten no sleep. Tommorow will *suck*.

But what kept me semi-human during the past half hour? Why, I'll tell you. Re-reading this story for the umpteenth time:

Unintentional Things by Prufrock

I just love her so much. Just to little tiny itty bitty pieces and then back together because a Prufrock in pieces wouldn't be as good as a whole one.
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Plans for the future

I have decided upon a new career aspiration. Forget this writer nonsense. I am going to be a *puppy.*

Logic: I'm enthusiastic, I enjoy playing games that aren't completely dissimilar from 'fetch' (ie: baseball) and I'm capable of being mad loyal. In return for all of these qualities, I ask for no monetary recompense. No, I ask simply for perpetual adoration. Because *everyone* loves puppies *all the time*. And that would be nice. To just run around, happy, and be loved for it. And be taken care of, too. So, yeah. I want to be a puppy. That's the new plan, y'all.

I think rageprufrock is trying to make me an acolyte or some kind of devoted follower, and you know? It's working. She made me *another* icon. Look at it: it totally represents my relationship with my computer.

Gah. Why is she so cool? It's just not healthy. She should get that checked out or something.
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