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19 June 2003 @ 11:11 pm
Wow, it's embarrasing to be caught singing New Kids on the Block at the top of your lungs while painting doorways. Especially if you're caught by a whole group of kids on a guided tour of your college. Yup. That's me folks, the dancing painter. Move it along, nothing to see.

*tries to cover blush*

Hey, someone has to paint all those doorframes newburg green. And how better to do it than making a complete and *total* fool of myself in front of a group of rising high school seniors and juniors? Really. No other way would have been sufficient. The embarrasment really fueled my work ethic. *crawls into hole and dies*

*miraculously recovers*

Oooh, good news: VAIO of death will soon be retired. Plans to buy a better machine are in the works. Hopefully I'll have a new, beautiful computer soon. *dreamy sigh*

And. So. Here's a little something that I wrote. It's not...well. It hasn't been beta-ed, so I sort of feel like it's naked and am deeply insecure about it. Any comments you guys have are *totally* welcomed. I'm sure it needs...a lot. But. Yeah.

It's also totally plot-less. Which is nice because this next installment of A Deeper Season is picking up on the slow weaving of plot (yeah, there's going to be one. Kind of.) and that's hard for me. I just want to write Snarky!Dorky!Clark chilling out. But no, I have to write a real story. So I'm making myself write plot. That installment's coming pretty well so far -- but *God* is it going to be long. The other chapters have all been around the twenty page mark. This one is going to be maybe twice that, I think. So, I'm working on it. Have faith in that, y'all.

But. Anyway. Here's what I have for *tonight*: It's Chlana. And it's set after Heat. And remember, any and all comments? Totally welcome in every way.

Rating: NC-17
Summary totally lifted from the Rolling Stones: You don't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find...

You Get What You NeedCollapse )
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