June 19th, 2003


The Right Stuff

Wow, it's embarrasing to be caught singing New Kids on the Block at the top of your lungs while painting doorways. Especially if you're caught by a whole group of kids on a guided tour of your college. Yup. That's me folks, the dancing painter. Move it along, nothing to see.

*tries to cover blush*

Hey, someone has to paint all those doorframes newburg green. And how better to do it than making a complete and *total* fool of myself in front of a group of rising high school seniors and juniors? Really. No other way would have been sufficient. The embarrasment really fueled my work ethic. *crawls into hole and dies*

*miraculously recovers*

Oooh, good news: VAIO of death will soon be retired. Plans to buy a better machine are in the works. Hopefully I'll have a new, beautiful computer soon. *dreamy sigh*

And. So. Here's a little something that I wrote. It's not...well. It hasn't been beta-ed, so I sort of feel like it's naked and am deeply insecure about it. Any comments you guys have are *totally* welcomed. I'm sure it needs...a lot. But. Yeah.

It's also totally plot-less. Which is nice because this next installment of A Deeper Season is picking up on the slow weaving of plot (yeah, there's going to be one. Kind of.) and that's hard for me. I just want to write Snarky!Dorky!Clark chilling out. But no, I have to write a real story. So I'm making myself write plot. That installment's coming pretty well so far -- but *God* is it going to be long. The other chapters have all been around the twenty page mark. This one is going to be maybe twice that, I think. So, I'm working on it. Have faith in that, y'all.

But. Anyway. Here's what I have for *tonight*: It's Chlana. And it's set after Heat. And remember, any and all comments? Totally welcome in every way.

Rating: NC-17
Summary totally lifted from the Rolling Stones: You don't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find...

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