June 22nd, 2003


Harry Potter-y goodness. And other stuff, too.

Anyone out there who wants to talk Order of the Pheonix? Instant message me. I'm not *all* the way done yet, but I will be by the time I go to bed tonight. I'm damned close.

Also? Anyone out there who feels like holding my hand through a particularly rough patch in my story? *feels dejected* Why are Clark and Lex mean to me? Why? All I want to do is put them through a little angst and get them laid. That's *all*....I swear. Really.


The problem is that I originally saw A Deeper Season as being a story that alternated viewpoints. That's why I chose omniscient third person. And yet...it's not so omniscient any more, this third person of mine. It's stuck to the All Clark! All the Time! channel. And I don't know how that happened. Clark Kent, why did you hijack my narrative voice?! A well raised boy would know better than that. Martha would be *ashamed*. *Ashamed,* I say.

*Sigh again* At least I have Order of the Pheonix...*pets book*.
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Good. God.

Finished The Order of The Pheonix. Jesus God.

Talk to me, people....I *know* I'm not the only one who stayed up all night to read it.

Lord. I need a new fandom like I need an arm growing out of the middle of my back...but Remus/Sirius? God. Just. God.
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Assorted things.

Another day, and more rain. A friend suggested that perhaps it's another flood...but really? I'm not convinced. It's too indecisive to be a flood. It doesn't *rain* rain, it just kind of...drizzles. Which is annoying as *all hell*...

I watched Sorority Boys for the first time today. Good Lord. That's about all I've got to say. Watched the Animatrix, too. If you haven't seen it and you're a Matrix fan, you definitely should. The animation is *beautiful* and some of the...installments? is that what to call them?...are mindblowing. So, go. See it.

Anyway, Deeper Season is being marginally nicer to me. Marginally being the operative term. As I said before - narrative voice has been hijacked. Additionally? It's long. Lots happens. Long. But I'm sure I'll get it up this coming week. (My beta is coming back on Wednesday, so she'll beat it out of me if neccesary. *G*)

ooh, I also finally caved and got an AIM SN. I'm Nifrantic. Hit me up, yo.