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28 June 2003 @ 03:07 pm
Getting this done was about as easy as giving birth to a pterodactyl. My computer *so* didn't want it to happen. But I prevailed, and it seriously would not have happened with out lyra_sena. I'm lucky, want to know why? Because I have the world's *most amazing beta.* *hugs Lyra*

A Deeper Season, 4Collapse )
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28 June 2003 @ 11:15 pm
Check it out, yo...

Sirius/Remus - Friends to lovers...
You are... Sirius/Remus!

Friends to lovers, could it get any better? You
certainly don't think so. When you think about
the Marauder era you certainly don't think
about maps and Quidditch, you're too busy
dreaming of heated snogs in the Astronomy Tower
and mind-blowing shags in the Gryffindor dorms.
Yours is a pairing that truly deserves the
title of 'slash', good on you!

What HP Slash Fanfiction Pairing Are You?
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