July 2nd, 2003


Whoever you are, LJ fairy, you have earned eternal Nifra-love. Plus: Lucasfic.

This is to whoever out there in this cyberworld played LJ fairy for me: I LOVE YOU. Thank you. You *really* made my day in the biggest of ways because I signed online when I needed some cheering up, and what did I get in my inbox but just a little packet of joy....*hugs you a bajillion times and a half*

Not the greatest of days today, but not the worst either. See above. *G* Also, I watched Prodigal for the first time and managed to fall completely, head over heels in love with Lucas. And when Nifra falls in love with a Luthor? There's fic.

And fic with a big old R attached to it for disturbing themes, later on. As of right now this is a stand-a-lone, but...there might be more later. Hell, there probably will be more later, but I'm just not going to make any promises because I need to finish Deeper Season. (Which is...going? Not like amazingly well or anything, but...going.)

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