July 3rd, 2003


I've always relied on the kindness of strangers...

Blanche Dubois and Nifra? Not so much similar. (Although Vivien Leigh is one of my favorite actresses of all time because..Scarlett O'Hara, dude! Yes, I *love* Gone with the Wind. Shut up! You do too, in the dark quiet corners of your hearts!)

But the thing is...I have a paid account now, and uhm, well...does anyone want to design an LJ for me? *smiles appealingly* Please? I'm *totally* computer stupid. If you're interested, email me or IM me. (nifra_idril@yahoo.com; AIM - nifrantic). I will love on you *forever*. Like, Nifra-love until all that inhabits the earth are giant cockroaches eating twinkies.

Shout outs and Whatnot:

1. Deeper Season's being nice to me! I think I'll probably finish this chapter by early Friday and get it up on Saturday.

2. rageprufrock needs to understand that I am *not* ....small.

3. All of you need to go read A Memory of Waking by Jenn right now. Seriously. It's...really fucking good. I mean, she could probably type up the yellow pages and make it amazing, but this is really, really good guys.The writing, as always, is amazing and the tone is very quiet, and lovely, and *hugs seperis*. Just do yourself a favor and read it and love on her.

4. lyra_sena: I wuvs ya, podlet.

5. I got a haircut! It's so short! Short, short, short! It's like the bastard love child of a Scully-cut and a Chloe-cut, and it's really nice, and and and...yay! I don't have like five bajillion pounds of hair on my head anymore, which makes me happy. And I got to use the neat computer imaging program to pick out the haircut. I felt so high tech, and futuristic. It was *neat*.

*swishes head from side to side, loving her haircut*
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    My brother, waiting not so patiently to check his e-mail. Computers, you've ensared us all.

Sometimes I embarass me.

Wow. Watching Attack of the Clones with my sister and..it's a bad movie. But. It makes me want to be a Jedi because I'm LAME and I want to be blue and wear skimpy clothing and curl up in Obi-Wan's lap like some kind of big cat and do some creative interpretations of the 'no passion' rule because I have such a hideous kink for a bearded!Ewan MacGregor. Also - being blue and having a light saber would both be *very* cool things.

Mmm. Hung over!Clark needs me. Must go attend to fic.
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    Bobby Darrin - Beyond the Sea

Good/Bad, straight from the Nif

Good: I am in Florida.
Bad: I am sunburned.

Good: I am spending lots of time with my family who I love, and adore, and really? I miss them. Really.
Bad: That family I love and adore? Filled with nuts. Counting me, but, filled with *nuts*.

Okay, that's annoying now. Just. RL decided to *suck* today.

...i need a hug....