July 30th, 2003


On OTPS, Tomb Raider, WiPs and Other Things.

To whom it may concern:

Lyra and I are the OTP-iest OTPers in the bunch, yo. Thus I have decreed it, thus shall it be, and argument shall *not* be brooked. My mongol hordes will sweep through the land and a cleansing fire will chase away all those who dare dissent.

Okay, that having been said. I saw Tomb Raider and was...underwhelmed. Angelina Jolie? Yes. She's *hot*. And she rides a motorcycle and has guns that are also *perfect* accesories for whatever she happens to be wearing. The problem was that she's a lot hotter than they let her be. Also, the script? I found physically painful at times. But, there was hot. Just not enough hot. Which made me a sad Niflet. *does dance of Nifra-despair*

But I got over it quickly when I found out that I Capture the Castle is in theaters near me, so I'm going to see that tonight. I'm very excited. I *love* that book - it's so utterly charming.

In other news: I bought the Homicide: Life on the Street DVDs and the Buffy season 3 DVDs and am now in happy DVD land. I had forgotten simply how *tight* and well done the writing and acting in H:LotS really is. If you've never watched the show? My suggestion is that you somehow, someway, watch at the very least the episode 'Three Men and Adina.' It...Andre Braugher and Kyle Secor and Kevin Gunn (think that's his name, not entirely sure) talk for an hour and there's never a moment that isn't filled with suspense. That's how *good* they are. It's mindblowing. When I was done watching it I just let out this long breath and sat back and wondered why the *hell* all TV shows aren't that good.

And Buffy Season 3? Oh the happy. Xander!love, Oz!adoration, and yes, Giles!crush. My love for Buffymen does not quite extend to the vampires in the bunch (I've got fuzzy Spike feelings, yet want to stake Angel, which is rather not what was intended - at least at first). But I do have intense Buffyman love. So there you are.

Also? Faith. Sweet *jesus* Faith. Faith/Buffy is so damned *hot*. Recc me up, people. Seriously.

Now, I know a lot of you are wondering 'Where is ADS 6?' The answer to that question is without a doubt 'Coming!' Seriously - I'm working on it. Life's been *mad* hectic for the last little bit, but now that I'm sleeping again (yay!) I'm anticipating that I'll be able to finish it soon. Possibly by Monday. That may be just me being hopeful, but the point is? I've not abandoned the story or anything.

Until then, though? I've written a wee drabble-y thingy that's entirely silly and has no socially redeeming value. It's, Clark, Lex and the marijuana.

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