August 6th, 2003


Don't make me go to work...

It is seven thirty six in the morning and I've been awake for over an hour. This can only be taken as a sign of the apocalypse. No, I mean it.

Last night I went to a real live baseball game! Having been a Yankees fan for basically my whole life (I know what you're thinkign - 'A rabid Yankees fan in South Florida? Whattup with that, yo?' but let's just say that I was raised to it), going to a game is always the highlight of any summer I'm lucky enough to go. It's really the only sport that I follow, not being a huge football/hockey/cricket/rugby/soccer/polo/swimming/tennis/golf/what have you fan. Although I am looking into becoming a soccer fan - they're mad hardcore. ANYway - last night? Most fun I've ever had at a game. Seriously. This may have been because friends from school came with, or perhaps because all my sibs were there and now that I don't live at home anymore any time I get to spend with the midgets is good time, or maybe it was because Derek Jeter (marry me, please god *marry me*) hit a home run at his first at bat and another at his second. But all I know is that I had an *amazing* time. Also? I bought a new Yankees hat. And it's pink. I know, I *know* - that's not a real Yankees hat! But, seriously, I love it. It's ridiculously girly and yet not and very *very* pink, and I just...I want to wear it all the time. *claps hat onto head protectively*

My six year old cousin who was also is, apparently, a big fan of Andrew Jackson -- you know, the one who did the whole pet banks thing and gave smallpox blankets to the Native Americans? I"m still trying to figure that one out myself.

God. I don't want to go to work. *bangs head against desk* But to tide me over I have much coffee. *clings like addict, while sitting in comfy, comfy Ikea chair and then giggling over the chair's origin*
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An Open Letter ...

Dear Neighbours:

Please stop fighting at the top of your lungs during the course of my headaches. It is most displeasing to me. Should you fail to cease your *loud arguments* I will put knives in your family.

Thank you. That is all.


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