August 19th, 2003


Cold Turkey Sucks, Yo

I am in the library right now, on my lunch break. Why? Because instead of joining a twelve step group for internet addicts, I just plunged head first into the whole 'dependent on lj and aim' thing and am now shaking and sweating because I've been literally a *week* without my internet working.

Why, God, why?

But it's lead me to the conclusion that I am, without doubt, a spoiled brat. And you know what? I'm okay with that.

Things I'm Not Okay With:

1. Losing my cell phone charger (I *hate* looking for things)
2. Losing my ethernet (I think that speaks for itself)
3. Working alone (I'm on a tall ladder and I'm a clutz. What if I fall and break a leg? I'll have to lie there, all alone, until someone comes and finds me. Believe me, I've been over this scenario *so many times* in my head this morning that it's not even funny.)
4. Having to work this weekend. (Overtime pay = good. Working over time = bad.)
5. Mayonaisse. It's acceptable in chicken salad or flammable devices, but otherwise, no. Just. No. *delicate shudder*

So. Yes. I will be back online tonight, is what I'm being promised -- and trust me, as easy going and laid back as I can be, I have felt free to RAISE SOME HELL over this issue.

Rawrf. *pouts* But, hey, check it out even *with* my internet-less state I managed to get in on the action and finally write James' letters. So read them.

I'm Back! Back! Back! Back! Yay!

In case my title line didn't let you in on it : I'm *excited*! My ethernet is *working*! I can talk to all my happy, shiny, pretty online friends! And! I can read/post LJ!

*twirls around, smiling blissfully*

Ooh - and guess what? I have *fic* for you people, too. This is an answer to the ee cummings challenge, issued by lyra_sena and isagel. Also, it's a gift for lyra_sena -- two birds, one stone. Yay!

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