September 17th, 2003


knock a little louder, sugar

So here's the thing about me. I like to jump on bandwagons, but usually only way after the band wagon has departed, and I have to run after it, waving my arms frantically and then maybe I catch up and some kind soul has to help me on and I'm out of breath and wow this metaphor *definitely* got way the hell away from me, didn't it?

The point of this is: I'm stealing hackthis's idea of asking all y'all who read me to leave a comment, say what's up, wave, whatever. Tell me why you're here, tell me your favorite color, what your opinion of mayonaisse is, what your favorite baseball team is if you're from the US and you know, feel free to make one up if you're not *G*. Talk to me about the Crocodile Hunter and Iron Chef and just generally introduce yourselves.

To get the ball rolling: Hi, I'm Nifra. I like comic books and cigarettes and coffee and cheese (those all start with strange...). I'm an undergraduate student at a college in New York state studying *gasp* creative writing (read: will starve in streets of big city when I graduate). I've managed to share a brain with a very, very neurotic Clark Kent ever since watching my first Smallville epi, wish that I lived in Hobbiton because *dude* round doors, lots of food and pipeweed, and would be willing to drywall for a living if I could work for/stare at/stalk/drool over Xander Harris. I listen to music loudly and Quizilla tells me that if I were to be a dysfunctional care bear, I'd be Hooligan Bear.

So, make some noise!
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