September 22nd, 2003


Give my java, give me sweet, sweet java.

There are these things in life that are beautiful and they're called Circadian Rhythms. Oh yes, these puppies are the things that you can thank when you nod off to sleep at a reasonable hour and wake up at an equally reasonable hour. They're wonderful, and cause people to remain sane and mentally balanced.

And they have abandoned me entirely.

Or, maybe they've just moved to Singapore and left my body behind so now I'm awake when I really should be sleeping and sleeping when I really should be awake which, while it works with my class schedule, is just *not* cool.

Also? I think it's affecting my ability to write. There's so much that I *should* be working on (Chlark of pain, Ryan codafic, stuff with andariell and ADS), and yet I find myself more or less only able to just stare at the word processor and blink repeatedly. I usually end up watching Alias instead of doing anything else.

Which leads me to the next point I'd like to make: Alias *rocks*. I'd never watched it before a beautiful and kindly lady became my television crack dealer. (*points at Andy*) Anyway, I love it. I love Sidney, I love Marshall (dear God do I love Marshall) and I want to have Will's babies. Actually, I want Jenny to have Will's babies (I'm only like, 5 episodes in), but I wouldn't say no to Will naked in my bed waiting for me happily and being cute and curious while doing so. Rawr.

Speaking of lovely visuals, I finally found my Lois. (I've been throwing these images at people all week, I've been so excited about it.) If you guys have a very definite mental picture of your own and don't want it disturbed, that's cool, but if you don't?

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Lastly? I miss my lyra_sena. *curls up in corner and waits for return* (And yes, Lyra, I did try to sleep for about two hours and end up waking up again. Ask me about it - there's a funny story involved.)
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A thousand eyes turning blue...

You know what's really irritating? Having five bajillion things to do that you really *need* to do and yet not even a single scrap of motivation. I need to be motivated. Someone should motivate me. How could that happen? Could I buy a motivator, or you know, maybe rent one? Someone to just sit next to me and point at the huge mess in front of me and say "Clean that." and then point at my reading and say "Read that." and then point at things I should be writing and say "Write that."

Gwarf. Maybe this is one of those signs that I *shouldn't* drop out of college and get a job because I'm obviously nowhere near ready for real life. *hides in happy college bubble*

I want chai. I'm going to stop whining now.
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