September 29th, 2003



Joking around with lyra_sena online yields strange things. Such as Fictional!TomWelling saying the following:

I'm looking for a girl with a pierced nose and a real appreciation of all things absurd. I want someone who steals chairs and sets sneakers on fire. A workaholic with a heart of gold, and a wild streak and the ability to drink grown men under the table.

*jumps up and down* I'm here, Tommy! I'm here!

....I'm going to go watch d/l the View now.
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Pretties! GIP!

Look what I've got!

First, Pretty Deathicon from lyra_sena:

And then naughty Devilicon from liviapenn:

And then breathtaking Sunseticon from lapetite_kiki:

And then classy Dietrichicon from lyra_sena again:

Also - I'm watching Daredevil right now for the first time. Thoughts:

1. This movie is so bad I wish I was blind.

2. Jennifer Garner is precious.

3. I like Bullseye a little too much. No, really. tstar78 is totally right. He's a woobie, damn you all.

4. Micheal Clark Duncan should totally be the bad guy in every movie ever just on the basis of his voice.
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