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Thanks go to lyra_sena and the blame goes to liviapenn. This is a short vignette told from Delirium's point of view set post- The Wake. If you haven't read The Kindly Ones or The Wake, I'm going to go ahead and suggest that you don't read this. Mild spoilers for Delirium's story in Endless Nights, but not anything too intense as her story there is pretty simple. Enjoy!

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Okay. This entire series is to be blamed on the following things. Firstly, this icon:

Which made me think, for no apparent reason, "My, he looks all rumpled like a cub reporter."

And then I had a conversation with tstar78 about how we don't often get to see Clark and Lex in really functional relationships with other men in fic. Usually it's just for sex, or their characterization changes and they become hopelessly queeny or something to that effect. That made me think, again, about the above icon. (See where I'm going?)

So the ideas percolate in my brain for a while, and eventually I'm thinking of this original character, and thinking I'll probably never end up writing it because you know...so much else to write. Gahd. But then Lois pops her way into my life through ADS and I can suddenly see her *perfectly* and this picture in particular makes me want to write more fic with Lois in it:

I've shown y'all before, but this is *definitely* my Lois in this pic.

It comes to me that were I to write Clark hooking up with OC Brad Pitt character in a pre-Lexian relationship then I could write it in the begining of his tenure at the Planet.....and this is what happened.

This series is futurefic, obviously, and AU. I'm living in a riftless world here, although Clark and Lex are beginging to drift apart when this series opens, but that changes. *G*

Thanks to lyra_sena who is, as always, my partner in crime on this series.

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30 September 2003 @ 09:56 pm
Especially if you're from New York and have spent *any* time in Willaimsburg....

The New York City Anti-Hipster Forum

Read the CVS one. It'll kill you dead you'll laugh so hard.
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