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06 October 2003 @ 10:10 pm
So last night I spent some quality time with my Buffy dvds and all episodes having anything to do with Faith. And *God* Faith's amazing -- This Year's Girl and Who Are You? might be two of my favorite Buffy episodes ever. Just...gah. *Faith*. The writers did an amazing job at making her relationship with Buffy compelling, intense and honest instead of letting it disintegrate into Slayer-Rivalry. I love how fucked up those girls are.

Health report: Am feeling better, if by better I mean less like a blob of death and more like a human being.

And check this out:

James, finally off of his arse, writes back to Lily arguing the intellectual merit of all those tarts girls he's seen around, writes back to Sirius very concerned about the state of his pallor and how to improve it, and twice to Remus regarding overreacting and the total impossibility that something a little inappropriate might be happening.


*glares at huge mounds of work to be done* Why God, why?
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