October 7th, 2003


Happy Birthday, andariell!

So it's your birthday and you rock, and that's pretty much that. I love you, honey -- you're on crack, but so am I, and it works out perfectly, I think. And, also? You're probably one of the sweetest people I've met.

And so, for you - a wee ficlet. I hope your day is five different kinds of great, and that it makes you the happiest Andy that ever did live!

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Is it self-pimapge if you wrote *with* someone else?

I'm not sure. Anyway, so I figured out something yesterday:

1. bexless and I love a lot of the same things about the O.C.. Including Luke. And, well, pretty much everyone else. Even "My Judgement Is On Par With That of a Vat of Marzipan"!Marissa.

2. Bex and I should write together more often because Bex? Is the most loveable little Bexlet ever. No, forrila, yo.

Go read what we did!

OC Fic: What You Have by Bexless and Nifra Idril.
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