October 23rd, 2003


Like, whoa.

So I just found music video launch at yahoo. I know, I'm a tool and it takes me forever to figure out the most basic things. However, I have some news. The news is that Britney's new video? Mad hot. Why? Because Britney dresses up in a suit and chases down Madonna in a very sexual way. You thought the kiss was hot? Watch the video. They dance around a bed...and then my eyes bug out of my head. For serious.

Also, the Mya video for "My love is like whoa". I love this song because it uses 'whoa' as an adjective and haven't been able to download it. So I'm just going to watch the video whenever I need my 'whoa' as an adjective fix. Don't worry, it's not too often.

I want a puppy. It'll make me feel better about how my school work is trying to *eat me*.
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And Nifra, as The Pimp

And the final nail in the coffin of my abject and total adoration/awe of hackthis can be found here. Read it - it's an amazing look into what Clark is to Lex, and how Lex sees him and *damnit* this girl is talented. Are you all her slavering minions? You should be. I am. Sweet Jesus, am I.
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This is Nifra. This is Nifra on CRACK.

So I'm making with the sleep dep again. Which is really the only way I can explain the fact that I've been talking in my best impression of StrongBad all day long. And my best impression is, according to my roomate, really crappy. Clearly what they say about genius never being recognized at home is true.

I have a goal for today. That goal is to finish reading at least one of the books I have to read for my project. *eyes book* I'm pretty sure I won't be able to meet it, but I can try. I'm just surfacing for air right now before diving back into school work. That's right, I'm a hardworker. I'm industrious. I'm....doing a meme?

Gakked from serialkarma, the Collapse )

And now. *smiles prettily* Let's talk about me. More about me. *G*

I want nifra_idrilto write _____________.

nifra_idril should get a clue and stop writing _________.

_______ would make nifra_idril's stories better.

If nifra_idril writes _________ one more time, I'll kick her ass because it's so annoying.

nifra_idril should rewrite __________ and change _________.

nifra_idril should ____________ in her next story.

nifra_idril should use the word(s) __________ in her next story.

Also. This cold thing? You know, fall, winter, what have you? I'm so over it already, and it's only my second one. Fall isn't so bad. Fall's decent. Fall's interesting. It's winter that I shall have to taunt a second time. Ack. Work time now.
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