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I have become one with my Sad Bastard music. Really. And, along those lines, I have...a snippet. It's not a fic, or even a ficlet. It's just an angsty couple of paragraphs in which I inflict my mopishness on Lex. It's unbeta-ed because, like I said - not a fic, not even a ficlet. Just...therapy by Lex!Torture. Read, or don't, as you will.

Be one with the heartache.Collapse )
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26 October 2003 @ 08:33 pm
Timeline: Post-Exodus, pre-Exile
Thanks: bexless, lyra_sena for beta-ing and tstar78 for being an all around morale booster.

Also - see the new icon? That's all Lyra. Ain't it pretty?

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