October 29th, 2003

LexCorp Legal Dept.

What do you *mean* I have to expend effort?

The interesting thing about work is that it doesn't do itself. Books don't read themselves. Dishes don't clean themselves, so on and so forth.

I was led to believe by Disney that this could be arranged by dancing with a broomstick and wearing a floppy blue hat. I have been cruelly betrayed. Damn those bastards and their vicious, vicious lies.

Also - Halloween. What the hell? Costumes? Ack! Neither my bank account nor my sanity can handle another shopping trip. I think I'll just to my costume party as 'feral' or something. I mean, snarl at a couple of people, knock things over and play in bushes. I can handle that. Or maybe that's one hundred percent lame.

*sigh* And back to work I go....rawrf.
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secret fic kinks by wisteria
character 1
character 2
locationthe high school library
positionfrom behind
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Uhm. *Dude*. That is all I have to say.
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Holy Mother of Hotness, Batman! hackthis finished Telegraph Avenue! Read it, die of the hot, die of the cute, develop sycophantic adoration for the author, etc. etc.

And then there's this meme that really interests me. I've been wondering things along these lines since musesfool's thought provoking post on style preferences earlier this week.

What kind of work is my name -- Nifra Idril -- associated with? What kind of assumptions do you make about a piece of writing, fiction or non, if you see my name on it?

Nota bene: This is emphatically NOT an attempt to fish for compliments. I'm not trying to get judgements on the quality of my work, but rather about its other characteristics.

For example, if you were given the name of an actor, that might make you think of a certain genre of film he or she is often in or a type of character.

What is Nifra Idril brand writing?
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