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04 November 2003 @ 04:39 am
First off, we have a hella GIP becuase Lyra's way too nice to me.

So. Yes. Aren't those all just the sauciest, hottest things you've ever seen? Yeah, I thought so.


I just want to say that the past week has been a really hard one for me, and that without rageprufrock and lyra_sena it would have been harder. You guys mean a lot to me, more than I can say, really, and knowing you're there for me, and you believe in me? It counts. It counts a lot, especially now. So. Thank you. And I want to apologize to you pre-emptively for the bitching, complaining, whining that I'm sure I'll do when the shock wears off and I'm able to be just plain pissy about everything.


So on Halloween I had the pleasure of meeting the magnificent rivkat, the wonderful buggery (also, just read that. Isn't it wonderfully perverse? Much like Jack! *wink*), and the lovely viridian5. Much Japanese food was eaten, and more fun than you can shake a stick at was had. I loved meeting you all - although I have to admit to being hideously intimidated by all of you. *G* Did it show?


Public Service Announcement: A Deeper Season still exists. It's just hibernating until a) I'm not drowning in school work and b) I'm in the right head space to write it. As soon as both of those things happen, I'll finish it. We're three chapters away from done, y'all, so no worries. Three meaty chapters, but hey, that's fine, too.
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