November 7th, 2003


We were hoppin' and boppin' to the crocodile rock

1. Okay. I saw the Collapse )

2. I want to pimp a story that I feel is pretty goddamned great. Yes, I beta-ed it, yes it's by my girl, but you know what? There's not a spare word in it, anywhere and Clark and Lex are so *on* that they literally pop out at you. Go read Fall Into by Lyra Sena. You'll thank me. I swear.

3. My computer is going to die very soon. I'm aware of this fact. It means that I'm trying to burn everything to CD now, but I know I'll miss something incredibly important and it'll be lost for the rest of time. Goddamn this computer is evil.

4. Icons! More Icons! From liviapenn! She spoils me so hardcore. I love it.
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