November 10th, 2003


And the kitchen sink, too

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And, Rec-A-Palooza:

1. HP: Vector by Rageprufrock Sirius/Remus, preslash.

Okay. I could, and probably have sometime in the past, just write a blanket rec for any and all stories by Pru ever in any fandom under the sun forever and ever, amen. However, I shall restrain myself and limit myself to this story. It's a Sirius-centric story that plays fast and loose with time, written with Pru's perrenial ability to be totally honest about her character's flaws, and make them completely loveable anyway. That's what makes her writing so special - her characters are real. They're three dimensional, because she doesn't just show us how cute and bubbly and grand and heroic they are, she shows us that they bitch at people when they're in a bad mood and get irrationally jealous. Also, she can write like a mofo. So, go read it and love it, and give her feedback now, dammit.

2. SV: Parhelion by Jack Buggery Clark/Louis, and Clark/Lexishness.

Louis is my new bulletproof kink. I don't neccesarily mean in a sexual way, I just mean that you could write fic about Louis scratching his left foot and I would be totally fascinated. He's probably one of the most interesting twists in plot or character that SV has ever done and I love him. So, Jack totally fed that kink for me with this fic. It's brilliantly crafted from a character standpoint, and makes good use of psychology. Plus, y'all, it's Jack. So it's got the hot factor working for it, and the writing is clean and lovely to read. Go. Love. Feedback.


There's more I want to say -- a lot's going on right now. But I'm tired, and I don't really want to think about anything too terribly negative at the moment. I just want to say thank you to everyone, and that I love you all. Knowing you're here does, actually, make quite the difference indeed.
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Status Report (or Nifra Jones' Diary)

Breakfast: 3 redbulls, 2 cigarettes
Sleep: 3 hours
Temperature: Fucking cold
Lunch: Pita with hummus, 4 cups of coffee, 3 cigarettes
Room: Cluttered, if by cluttered I mean a cross between 'ransacked by hoodlums' and 'fleeing my homeland' chic.
Laundry: Mountainous, and dirty.
Homework: Let's not even go there
Haircut: Adorable. Way short.
Misc. consumption: more cigarettes (Noting a theme? New OTP: Nifra/Carcinogens. *shakes head at unhealthy self)
Nifra's Super Special Ditz Hour: Forgot sister's birthday until father reminded me. Yay big sister!Nif.
Reccomendation of Monitor Meltingly Hot Porn: Tar Beach by Shrift, GL/Flash
Desires: A man with a body like a greek god and good massage technique.
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