November 28th, 2003


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1) Je suis muy stupid. I forgot hackthis' birthday! You're one of the finest authors for miles, darlin'. You bring the joy, the Warrior Angel, the snarky wonderful Lex, the most adorable puppy of a Seth ever, the hottest, most determined gay Ryan ever and you pretty much just rock. No, really. In this way where I think to myself, "Self, she rocks."

2) Also: Happy Thanksgiving to everybody! I hope you guys ate as much turkey as I did. And didn't get thrown into swimming pools. (Unlike me.)
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This post does not exist.

rageprufrock, it's not your birthday yet. I know this to be incontrevertably true in that I wouldn't let your birthday happen without first finishing your birthday present. Having not finished it, I can be reasonably sure that it is not your birthday.

However, were it to be your birthday I would probably post in order to wish you a happy birthday and talk about how great you are and how much I adore you and how much fun I have whenever I talk to you. I would probably also say something about Secretary and James Spader and how OHMYGOD hot he is, and I'd also probably waggle my eyebrows and make some kind of commentary regarding the fun we'll have in December when you're visit. I might even talk about your writing. And how good it is. And how you like to rip my heart out of my chest and dance on it in stilletos, and make me *like* it.

Then again, I might not say that last part. It's gross.
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seth rawks

I don't know why I find these so fun.

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pearl_o |||||||| 79% |||||||| 84%
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buggery |||||||| 78% |||||||| 81%
celli ||||||| 68% ||||||||| 87%
rivkat |||||||| 83% ||||||| 69%
isagel ||||||| 72% |||||||| 80%
velvetglove |||||||| 78% |||||| 61%
semisuper ||||||| 68% ||||||| 70%
thdancingferret |||||| 60% ||||||| 72%
echoskeleton ||||||| 65% |||||| 65%
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