December 2nd, 2003


That's the way we get by.

Ridiculously early flight this morning, and class at five thirty so I can't just zonk out for the day. Especially considering that I *cough* haven't done the work for that class yet.

This is really just a drive by post to say that a) Tonight and tommorow I'll be responding to comments (some of y'all left me really nice long ones to my writery question post) and b) every last one of you needs to go read hackthis' new story, Square One. No, I'm not even kidding you. Everybody knows that she knows Lex inside and out and backwards and forwards, but what she does here is more than write Lex -- she writes insanity, and she does it brillaintly. This is a story that will grab you round the neck and *shake* you, but elegantly. It's powerful, it's moving, and it's like walking across broken glass, but you can't read it and not be anything but *floored* by the continual strength and passion of the writing that goes into it.

Do it now. No, really, *now*.
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Fractured Fairy Tales: Princess Nif and the Evil Shower of Doom

Okay, as we open this fairy tale, let me set the scene. Today: I've been awake for twenty hours at this point, and that's on about three hours of sleep. I traveled 3/4 of the length of the Eastern Seabord before noon, and went to class two hours after finishing unpacking. Then I wrote about eight pages of thinky school work. I had dinner, and did more school work.

So, I'm kind of the queen of burnt out, and I think to myself, "Self, you should take a shower."

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